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    Flashy Lashes Care

    Hello Beautiful !

    Want to learn how to care for your lashes and reuse them for about 15 times?!

    I have all the info you need below!


    Removing The Lash Glue / How to Clean Mink Lash Strips

    1. After removing your mink false lashes from daily use, remove the glue using your tweezers or fingers to remove the excess adhesive gently. 
    2. Begin with the outside corner and lightly peel off the glue towards the inside corner. 
    3. Don't pull on the mink hair. Be as gentle as you would be with your own lashes.
    4. Don't tug on the lash strip. This will loosen the hairs and mess up the strip shape.
    5.  Lastly, store your lashes back in their Flashy case.


    Do Not Soak And Don't Add Mascara / Avoid Water.

    My biggest tip; avoid soaking your mink lashes in water. When your lashes get wet, the water damages the shape of the curls your lashes were made to have. I know the common video tells you to add mascara but, DON'T apply mascara to your mink lashes! Mascara will damage the hair on your lash strips. It is best that you add your mascara to your natural lashes before applying  your mink lashes. 


    Using Chemicals On Lashes

    Please do not use any oil-based products to clean the lashes. This will destroy the lashes and won't allow the glue to stick properly. Cleaning your lashes with makeup remover and/or any chemicals/oil will break the fur's quality and limit the usage of your mink lashes.